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wedding FAQ's

About The Inn on the Riverwalk:


Q: Why should I have my wedding at ‘The Inn on the Riverwalk’?
We’ve hosted over 500+ weddings. We’ve got tons of experience and aim to avoid all the common pitfalls of the wedding planning process. A wedding should be a once in a lifetime day. Don’t’ you want to be focused on the fun of the day? – not whether the cake melted, the linens and tabletops are arranged properly, why the photographer didn’t show up on time, and/or what to do now that the flowers wilted?. Wedding planning can be so overwhelming and stressful when you’ve never done this before. Let someone who’s done it before and can let you relax and enjoy instead.

Q: How do I know you have my date available?
We are working on a web based calendar, but for now - please call the Inn at 210-225-6333 during 9-5 business hours.

Q: How many people can The Inn on the Riverwalk venue host?
The venue can host from 2-100+. the ceremony site on the Riverwalk is a generous lawn space where we can put up to 60+ chairs for seating. Other guests can stand behind or on the Riverwalk.

Q: When is the best time to hire ‘The Inn on the Riverwalk’ to help me with my wedding?
If you have a specific date in mind, now! However, if you are flexible on dates and times, then The Inn on the Riverwalk staff can help you organize your wedding with as little as a weeks notice (but not recommended.)

Q: I am concerned about being involved with the planning process and losing my vision in the process. Can I still hire ‘The Inn on the Riverwalk’ and be involved?
Absoutely! The Inn on the Riverwalk staff love to help make your day special. Help make your vision come true.

Q: I am planning my wedding in less than 6 months, is that too late to have my wedding at ‘The Inn on the Riverwalk’?
No. Because we do so many weddings onsite, we often can organize last minute weddings easily and effortlessly.

Q: I have a small budget. Can I still hire have my wedding at ‘The Inn on the Riverwalk’?
Yes! We specialize in small to medium weddings at The Inn on the Riverwalk. We can even do lower advertised wedding ceremonies in your room, the back porch or on the property to avoid the city permit fees. Please request a special ceremony by calling our staff at the Inn on the Riverwalk 210-225-6333
Q: How does ‘The Inn on the Riverwalk’ determine it’s fees?
Multiple calculations go into determining our fees, including permit fees, property insurance, employee costs, advertising costs, lose of inventory, wear and tear of rental items, etc. We try to keep our costs as reasonable as we can without losing any level of customer service.

Q: Can ‘The Inn on the Riverwalk’ help me with my destination wedding?
Yes! We’ve hosted dozens of destination weddings over the years. Some brides/grooms are living in different countries when trying to plan a wedding. The Inn on the Riverwalk is the perfect destination wedding venue because it has everything that a bride or groom would need/want. We have accommodations for the bride/groom and family, as well as all the other requirements to make a wedding perfect. Our staff will organize everything, from the accommodations, the event setup/take down, the flowers, cake, music, décor, transportation, etc.

Q: What makes ‘The Inn on the Riverwalk’ different?
You won’t have to worry! We specialize in having a one stop shop for the whole wedding event from beginning to end. You’ll arrive, go to your room/get dressed, be guided down to the ceremony spot, get married, and either have your beautiful reception all ready for you after, or say goodbye and come back and visit us again on your anniversary.

Q: What does the Inn on the Riverwalks' rental fee include?
The rental fee varies depending on each couple's package. A ceremony rental site starts at $450/hr. A mini reception utilizing the main dining room starts at $499+ for 2hrs. A full/evening wedding reception starts at $999+ for 4hrs.

Q. What is not included in the rental fee?
Any specialty items are excluded, including, specialty chairs, linens, floral, decor, and extra staff.

Q. How much is an additional hour?
The ceremony site is booked for an hour. Unfortunately, due to the fact that a special permit has to be purchased prior, the ceremony can only last for an hour and then it has to be broken down. If the ceremony is planned to be longer, an additional permit fee will apply.
The reception, rental fee, is based on a 4 hour rental period. 1 hour is for setup and 1 hour is for take down. A $150 fee for the first extended additional hour will apply and each half hour accrued thereafter will be billed at $75/half hour. Due to the Inn being a hotel, and city ordinance, the noise level needs to be lowered by 11pm at the latest.

Q. Does the Inn on the Riverwalk have parking on site for wedding guests?
Unfortunately, parking downtown is rare and our hotel parking is reserved for our hotel guests. However,
You can contact LAZ parking and you can make parking arrangements with them for your guests. There maybe special reserved parking for the bride and groom per special request.

Q. Does The Inn on the Riverwalk have special vendors? Can we bring our own vendors?
The Inn on the Riverwalk has an excellent relationship with a current list of vendors. These vendors are guaranteed by The Inn to show up on time, provide excellent services and products.
However, if you would like, yes, you can provide your own vendor(s). HOWEVER due to past experiences with ill equipped and unprepared vendors in the past, all vendors hired by the wedding couple are at the mercy of these vendors and The Inn on the Riverwalk can not be held liable for their poor timing, poor service and or lack of proper equipment. The vendors must come prepared. Caterers must include their own staff for setup and shut down. A prior visit by the vendor is required for smooth communication and cooperation with our Event Coordinator and/or staff, to insure that the execution of your event is as flawless as possible.

Q. What happens if the outside ceremony is rained out?
With over 350 weddings, only 3 weddings have been rained out so that the riverwalk ceremony spot wasn't appropriate. Most of the time, the staff at the Inn on the Riverwalk has enough flexibility to work around the rain. However, some couples may decide to have the ceremony inside. At which time, full services will be provided inside and arrangements will be made to make it a romantic and as smooth for your guests as possible.

Q. Are there any setup restrictions, such as being able to hang things on the walls?
The Inn on the Riverwalk is involved in the whole setup process. Unfortunately, no holes are allowed in the walls of the reception space, however, the staff will try best accommodate any personal request.

Q. Can I come visit and see samples of the items, such as linens and floral that you provide?

Yes, please schedule an appointment to meet with a wedding co-ordinator to show you items that we have for rent. We may not have all the items you request on stock prior to your wedding. Fresh floral arrangements can be seen in photos of prior weddings.

Q. Are there any restrictions on photography or videography?
No, there are no restrictions.

Q. Are there any noise restrictions?
The Inn on the Riverwalk also has 13 hotel rooms. Due to these guests that may or may not be part of the wedding, as well as a noise ordinance by the city, we are restricted to containing all loud noise to 10pm.

Q. Do we need any permits or insurance for our wedding?
The staff at the Inn on the Riverwalk will ensure a city permit is required for any ceremony held at the Riverwalk location. Insurance for you and your guests is held by The Inn on the Riverwalk. Additional insurance for theft, fire etc is suggested.

Q. Is there a bridal and groom suite to change available?
A room at the hotel may be reserved. Check in at 3pm and check out is at 11am. However, if a room just to get changed used 30 mins prior and after the ceremony may be available at special request.

Q. Can I arrange a special food tasting?
Yes, depending on your chosen caterer, a food tasting can be arranged.

Q. How much is the deposit?
A ceremony can be reserved with a non refundable minimum of $150. A reception can be reserved with a 
non refundable minimum of $550. All payments become non refundable.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?
ALL CANCELLATIONS MUST BE SIGNED & IN WRITING, THERE IS A $200 CANCELLATION FEE. The Client has 72 hours from the signing date of this agreed upon Contract to cancel the event and not be liable for the additional 30% due 60 days prior to your event, or any other payment outlined in this agreed upon contract past the initial 20% deposit . Once 72 hours from the date of signing this contract has lapsed the services and/or reserved date/s, time, and/or ceremony site/reception area reservation/s outlined in this contract and documented in the attached invoice are ordered and are not able to be cancelled without the following cancellation policy being the deciding factor: "Upon signing this agreed upon contract the initial 20% non-refundable deposit for event date, time, site and/or lodging is absolutely non-refundable. Upon signing this agreed upon contract the additional 30% (equaling an accumulated payment of 50% of the total agreed upon invoice) of the agreed upon invoice is due, even in the event of a later cancellation, and is absolutely non-refundable. Per this Contract your agreed upon event’s invoice is required to be paid in full 30 days prior to your event date. Once you have passed 30 days prior to your event date, any and all due payments made are non-refundable upon cancellation". 

Q: I want to hire ‘The Inn on the Riverwalk’ as my venue, what do “I Do”?
There are several methods, either by phone to set up an appointment 210-225-6333, or schedule an appointment online, or come visit us at our location 129 Woodward, San Antonio, Tx 78130. We’d love to be part of your special day! 



Q. How does ‘The Inn on the Riverwalk’ organize the processional?
The staff at the Inn on the Riverwalk will co-ordinate the procession. They have lots of experience and will coach you through the whole process. The size of the weddding party, will determine the style of the procession, but usually it’s the Mother of the Bride walks with the groom to the ceremony location, followed by the mother and father of the groom. Followed by bridesmaids and groomsmen. Finally, the bride will usually walk with her father or anyone else giving her away. The bride will be able to choose different routes to the ceremony location, either down the stairs, or the long winding pathway for lots of photo opportunities. Don’t worry, the staff, will make sure the groom won’t see the bride until she arrives at the ceremony spot.
(please note: It is preferable to have a mini rehearsal the day before which is included in the cost of your wedding).

Q. When is the music played?
The staff at the Inn on the Riverwalk will co-ordinate the timing of the music whether on a CD or if you have hired a DJ, we will help with that too.

Q. How many groomsmen/ushers and bridesmaids are needed?
Many of our smaller weddings don’t have groomsmen/ushers or bridesmaids. Sometimes, it’s just the maid of honor and best man that stand with the bride and groom. But it depends on the size of the wedding. Normally, there should be one groomsmen/usher for every 50 guests. The average wedding party for formal or semi-formal is four to six bridesmaids and groomsmen/ushers. Note: A bride does not need as many bridesmaids as groomsmen/ushers.

Q. In a formal wedding, which side is usually reserved for the bride's family and friends?
The bride's parents are seated on the left side of the aisle and the groom's parents sit on the right side. (In some religious ceremonies, this is reversed) At The Inn on the Riverwalk, because it’s a non-denominational facility, any non-religious or religious practices can be followed.

Q. Does the groom always kiss the bride at the altar?
The person performing the wedding will announce the kissing part.

Q. Is there a recessional?
Yes. The married couple will turn around after the ceremony and receive best wishes from the guests, and then walk down the stairs towards the Riverwalk. At that time, the bride and groom can be followed by their bridesmaids and grooms men in preparation for formal wedding photos. Or, at this time, the bride and groom can greet their guests.

Q. Who gives the officiant his or her fee?
Your officiant, if hired through The Inn on the Riverwalk, will be paid by the Inn on the Riverwalk.



Q. At the bride and groom's table, where does the bride sit?
The bride is seated at the groom's right.

Q. With divorced parents, who attends the reception?
Both may attend if agreeable by all, or separate receptions may be given.

Q. Who reads the congratulatory messages aloud?
The best man reads any congratulatory messages that are received.

Q. Who proposes the first toast?
The best man proposes the first toast to the bride and groom.

Q. Who cuts the first piece of cake?
The bride, with the groom's right hand over hers, cuts the first piece of cake. The couple breaks the slice and eats it together. A friend or waiter then finishes serving the cake.

Q. What happens if other couples start dancing before the bride and groom at the reception?
When the newlyweds appear, everyone should stop dancing. Then the bride and groom waltz once around the floor solo.

Q. Is the groom obligated to dance with someone besides his bride?
Yes, the groom is obligated to dance with his mother, mother-in-law, and the maid of honor.



Q. Is it necessary to send a thank you to someone I have thanked in person?
It is considered socially correct to always send a written thank you note even if you have thanked someone in person.

Q. When should the thank you notes be mailed?
A written thank you note should be sent as soon as possible after receiving the gift. Normally this is within two to three weeks of receipt.

Q. Is there a tactful way to thank someone for a monetary gift?
When writing a thank you note for money it is not necessary or advisable to mention the amount. Instead, refer to it as "your generous gift," or something similar. It is also tasteful to mention how you plan to use the money.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to email us at '' or call us at 210-225-6333