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  • Best wedding advice on the web

    Omg! Where to start? There is so much wedding advice on the web today it's overwhelming! From blogs to Facebook, to pinterest, where to start and what's the most important advice you can get? The simplest answer is "what Destination wedding at San Antonio, texasare you really looking for?" Let's face it, us girls love pretty things and weddings are all pretty things, pretty food, pretty it's only natural we gravitate towards all things wedding. But not everyone has the time or energy to spend on their day..some aren't really bothered...I's a small minority, but there's a coming trend for a lot of women to realize, the "day" could be great in the memory banks, but the marriage is a whole different why not spend the money and time planning an awesome honeymoon or putting the money towards a house? There's all kinds of reasons why women are too busy these days, so here's a tip...look for specific information and don't get carried away with all the pretty pictures!

    Budget your wedding planning time to doing the following things, and then learn to delegate:

    1. Decide on location. Location is key for guests and of course your wedding memory bank...a courtroom isn't memorable, you can't go back to visit and not many guests and join in. If you are on a budget, choose and public location you can visit twenty years later and relive the memories.

    2. Choose a date. Why choose a date after location? Honestly, if you are busy and your calendar is not very flexible, you want to find a venue that is flexible. Best to choose location, then have the venue work around your schedule.  

    San Antonio Wedding Location

    3. Choose an all inclusive wedding venue with a planning or find a reasonable wedding planner that will find/organize the details of your venue. You want somewhere or someone you can delegate details to...someone that has great reviews and you can trust.

    4. Delegate, delegate, delegate. Be honest with yourself, just coz it all looks so easy with pinterest etc, you've probably never planned a wedding before, do you really want to risk spending precious hours the morning of your wedding tracking down the cake? Or waiting for flower arrangements because the vendor you hired got the sick the day before? hire someone you can blame or get a guarantee from...all inclusive venues will have worked with multiple vendors and have great relationships (FYI, their vendors don't want to mess with a venue because they rely on those referrals). Hiring a venue with a planner will save you money and a whole lot of heart won't believe how many times a bride chooses to hire a cake vendor, a DJ, transportation or a caterer and it's a disaster.

    Lastly, know what's important to it color, photos, food, music etc. tell your wedding planner your priorities, be honest with your planner about your budget and remember, enjoy the process, hopefully you only do this once in a lifetime! 


    The Inn on the Riverwalk is an all inclusive wedding venue on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas. We specialize in weddings for the busy bride...we will take care of all the details and make your day easy and effortless with all the beauty and charm of a Victorian setting on the Riverwalk. 

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  • Last minute ceremonies on the riverwalk

    Yes! it's true, we have ceremony times open this month! While most wedding venues can only host a couple of weddings per weekend, we can host multiple weddings per weekend. Most of our ceremonies are for only 1hr and with an hour in between ceremonies, we can host up to 4 per day. We can celebrate last minute military weddings on the glorious, romantic steps of the riverwalk. Call us at 210-225-6333 to ask about a short turn around ceremony. We've also organized last minute receptions too! I think the shortest, Tina was able to get the food, linens, cake and music within a week!

    Call us 210-225-6333, we'd love to help celebrate your special day - even if it's to be next week!

     Or click here to send a wedding request and for more information.


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  • Gay Weddings at The Riverwalk

    Did you know that even though same sex couples can't legally get married in the state of Texas, there's much demand for beautiful locations to serve the LGBT community. The Inn on the Riverwalk has hosted several gay commitment ceremonies over the past 7 years and would love to serve the community more.

    The Inn's private location along the Riverwalk is perfect for an intimate ceremony and reception.

    There are several great websites serving the gay community looking for wedding ceremony locations in San Antonio, Texas.

    Here are a few:

    TheKnot - gay weddings


    Let us know if you or anyone else is interested in celebrating their big day with us.

    email: - or call 210-225-6333


    or go here to BOOK AN APPOINTMENT

  • Rock n Roll Wedding Blogger


    I love this wedding blogger ...she's got some wonderful advice for wedding planners and brides too!

    Fun article titles like:

    “Rusalka” Styled Wedding Shoot

    The First Legal Gay Wedding in England: Phil & James

    Intimate Mountain Cabin Wedding: Elia & Joey



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