"Location, Location, Location! It was truly like staying “home away from home”. Perfect – the Innkeepers are wonderful, the staff is delightful. Breakfast is yummy! We will be back!"

 ~J. Peters, Germany

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  • Haunted Halloween in San Antonio

    Often, people come up to me and ask, is our house haunted? Well - we did have the ghost hunters of San Antonio come visit us a few years ago - it was an up all night event going through all the rooms with tools and flash lights. They found a few hot spots (you will have to come visit to ask where they are)...but not as much evidence as they thought they even might find. Oh well ....at least our place doesn't 'scare' people away! LOL.

    love Johanna 


    Here's a few bed and breakfasts that may be haunted:

    Haunted houses and scarefests are fun (at least to me), but what's really scary are houses that are really (according to some anyway) haunted.
    BnBfinder.com came up with a list of bed-and-breakfasts that have a reputation for being haunted:slamming doors, mysterious footsteps, flashing lights and all.

    St. Francis Inn in St. Augustine, Fla.
    Lily, of Lily's guestroom, will be happy to welcome you with wide open (and ghostly) arms. As a servant at the inn during the mid-19th century, she and the owner’s young nephew carried on with a secret romance. When their love affair was discovered, Lily was let go from her duties causing the nephew, who was told never to see her again, to take his life. Still searching for her lost love, guests have spotted a mysterious figure dressed in white roaming the halls of St. Francis Inn. Unexplained noises, icy touches and other paranormal occurrences also have been reported in the room.

    Battery Carriage House in Charleston, S.C.
    Feel like you’re being watched? You just might be if you’re staying in Room 10 at the 1843 Battery Carriage House Inn. It’s home to a “gentleman ghost,” a young college student whose family once owned the house and who leaped to his death from the rooftop for an unknown reason. Rattling shutters and glowing orbs are just a couple of the ways he makes his presence known. You also might wake in the middle of the night and find him sitting by your bedside. He’s happy to stay the night…you just need ask.

    Green Mountain Inn, Stowe, Vt.
    Don’t let the sound of tap dancing on the roof of Room 302 at the Green Mountain Inn disturb you. It’s just Boots Berry, a former inn horseman who was born in 1840 in that very room. He became a local hero after saving passengers on a runaway stagecoach; but, a fondness for alcohol cost him his job. Boots aimlessly wandered the country, eventually landing in a New Orleans prison where he got his nickname from a fellow prisoner who taught him how to tap dance. After being released, Boots made his way back to the inn where he fell to his death while rescuing a young girl stuck on the roof during a snow storm.

    National Hotel and Restaurant in Jamestown, Calif.
    At the 1859 Historic National Hotel and Restaurant there’s one guest, “Flo,” who checked in but never checked out. Back in the late 1800s, she was set to marry the love of her life, Henry, before he was killed by a drunkard’s bullet the day before they were to be wed. Flo was later found in her wedding dress, dead from a broken heart. Guests staying in second floor rooms have reported lights flickering, doors slamming and even the faint sounds of crying as she waits to be reunited with her love.

    To read Amy's article and get a full list of haunted homes, visit here.

    Amy Bertrand is the editor of the Home & Away and the Let's Eat section of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. She writes a travel blog at stltoday.com/travelswithamy. Follow her on Twitter at twitter.com/abertrand.